Overconfidence, optimism, or a mere good intention

Sometime in our life, we fall in a deep hole of one-sided love. From bottom of the hole, we look up, we stare at someone we love. She looks happy, sad, or whatever state she’s in. And, we feel like: damn love, wish I could be there, beside you, I’ll make you the happiest person in the world.

The thing is, is it a form of overconfidence, optimism, or a mere good intention? Human is a complicated being. Now you think that you know her well, and you think you know how to treat her right, you think that you’re the most capable man to make her happy. But, unfortunately you’re wrong, things could change fast. You try to did your best, but she’s not as beautiful as someone you see from the hole. She’s unfortunately a bitch, mad and cry all the time. You feel that you failed to make her happy. You’re confused and the moment you become her lover is the instant you become desperately want to go back to the hole.

Well, I only talk about a possibility. This is not experience based also. Not all of your, say, confidence, optimism, or good intention become fail. Maybe you’ll really make her happy, the moment you get out from one-sided love and become her lover.

What I want to say is, love come in many ways, so it could give in many ways too. One-sided love too has a certain way of how to give love to her. Not always by trying to be her man. If your aim is to make her happy, then think of something. Something could make she smile. I’m not an altruism believer, so, make sure your aim worth enough for you. If her smile is something worth, then it is.

One-sided love is beautiful, a beautiful disaster..


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