That Girl is Perfect.

dark I - perfect girl

Hey man, look at that girl, she’s perfect / yeah, she’s perfect

She’s beautiful / so beautiful

She’s clever as well, she has some good academic achievement / she could teach you

She has a lot of friends too, good socially / she could mock you for being lonely

She got a lot of affection from her parents and friends / even she never worry of being lack of it

A lot of guys falling in love with her / yeah, even she could have all of them if she want

She’s so mature / she could mock you for being a brat

Her life is so exciting / yeah, she could mock your life for being so flat

She could enjoy a very hot and spicy food / yeah, she call you weak because you can’t eat spicy food

She’s also really kind / yeah, she could say that you’re evil when you did something bad to her

She could empathize with other people / she always said to you that you should see from her side

She’s just so fine / never feel like a trash before

Princess / Happily ever after.


A sarcasm for my own mind.

Satriajati, 2016


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