Pointless Things


“Don’t pointless things have a place, too, in this far-from-perfect world? Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life, and it’d lose even its imperfection.”

― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart.


Like me, the contributor of imperfection to the world.. your world.

But as perfection doesn’t exist, as it is only a hypothetical words,

What we do, even pointless things, we don’t know what other people will perceive,

Even your little smile, little gaze, little chat, would means much for me, for my world,

Keep doing what we like, what we think is right, no matter what, it’ll never be perfect,

But, at least we could make our own meaning of perfection,

So, sometimes, for what we have done, we could say: perfect!


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